Airplast Speciality Air Bubble Films, UV Stabilised Bubble Films, Temperature Shield Film, Fire Retardant Type Bubble Films, Mumbai, India
Airplast Speciality Air Bubble Films, UV Stabilised Bubble Films, Temperature Shield Film, Fire Retardant Type Bubble Films, Mumbai, India

Air Bubble Film For Packaging, Air Bubble Cushioned Packaging Material Available In 6mm, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, Dia Bubble Size In Antistatic Grade

Bicycle & Automobile Industry
Bicycle & Automobile Industry
For covering
Rear View windows Seat tops
Painted parts of Body frames and covers. The Mercedes Benz assembly line in Pune uses Airplast   airbubble films
The Body shell was covered with Air Bubble films. It protects the paint from dent & scratch on the    assembly ine. As it is reusable thus recycled for use on next body shell.
Ceramic and Glass Ware
Ceramic and Glass Ware

Get out of conventiuonal grass / paper shreds packing to Air Bubble films.
Ideal for manufacturers of headlamps for automobiles etc. Fruit packaging:
Recent application area for Air Bubble films in India. Commenced with use as liner inside PVC boxes for strawberries.
Gained popularity with packaging of Grapes and Apples
for Exports.
Many other fruits are now packed using Air Bubble Films.

Other Application Areas
Packing of Machineries
Rowing Boats
Machine spares
Paintings & Artefacts etc. (Excellent protective attribute by ease of use. Cut-Wrap & Tape your painting is ready for a safe journey from Vienna to New York or to India)
Special Purpose Application
Airplast - Air Bubble films can also be used in products with specific characteristics-
Protection of electronic parts against static discharge
CMOS based transistors & Integrated Circuits in electronic circuits
Airplast Speciality airbubble films:
UV Stabilised bubble films
UV stabilised bubble films are special purpose bubble films to provide protection from shocks and impacts and Ultra Violet rays. For example: packing PVC cables etc.
Also prevents self degeneration on exposure to UV radiations
The Thermal insulating characteristic of Air Bubble films, provides an unique application for UV Stabilised Air Bubble films in the field of Agriculture, particularly for covering Green House.
Air Bubble Film For Packaging
Air Bubble Film For Packaging
Temperature Shield films - Reflective Air Bubble Insulation
This is an Easy-to-Use Thermal Insulating Material and provides Cost-Effective, High-Efficiency Performance for a Wide Range of Packaging Applications. A layer of Air Bubble material is laminated to reflective aluminium metallised film providing excellent thermal resistance.
Advantages :
Resistance against all three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation. Forms effective barrier against moisture.
Compact and pliable Conforms to product shapes and sizes
Better than alternative insulating materials
Outstanding environmental benefits Recyclable nature of the polymer.
Reflective insulation being wrapped around pots.
Economical Solution For a Wide Range Of Packaging Applications
1. Pallet covers for temperature sensitive items such as chocolate and fruits
2. Box liners for shipping fish and seafood
3. Pouches for pharmaceuticals
4. Liners for air cargo containers transporting perishables like fresh flowers
5. Cargo blankets for flexibility with shapes and sizes
Fire Retardant Type Bubble Films
It is designed to dramatically reduce toxic gas & smoke emissions
Provides protection from fire, damage to works of art
held in storage and is thus finding wide scale application.
Originally developed to meet stringent European Health and Safety standards with pH 6.00 - found suitable for permanent use in conjunction with silver, copper, lead and organic based items.
Accelerated corrosion tests by the British Museum Result confirmed suitability for permanent use in the protection of artefacts made from gold.

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